GP Consultations

We are a mixed billing clinic and all fees must be paid on the day of consultation.

All GP Consultations (Standard, Long or Prolonged) are bulk billed from 8am to 5pm on weekdays.

GP consultations After hours (after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends), will attract a gap fee of $20. If you have a health care card, a pension card or are under 16, you will continue to be bulk billed after hours as well.

Failure to attend GP appointments will incur a $30 charge. If you are unable to attend, please ring and cancel your appointment at least 2 hours prior. We have a number of patients that ask for appointments on the day and would appreciate you letting us know if you can’t make your appointment. Then we may be able to offer it to someone who may need it on the day.

Gap fees are payable for minor procedures, skin excisions, dressings, and plastering for fractures.

All payments will need to be made in full on the day of the consult.

We use Medicare Easy Claim EFTPOS machines and any Medicare rebates will be reimbursed to your account almost instantaneously on the day.

Bulk Billing

The following services are always bulk billed:

  • GP Management Plans
  • Mental Health Plans
  • Nurse led Health Assessments

Gap fees

The following services will always attract a gap fee:

  • Ante natal shared care consultations- $20-$30
  • Aclasta Infusion- $25
  • Dressings may incur a charge between $5-$20
  • Glue to close wounds- $30
  • Implanon Insertion-  $50
  • Implanon Removal- $25 (If removal and insertion are done on the same day, it will only be a $50 fee)
  • Iron Infusion- $80
  • INR Point of care test- $10
  • Mirena insertion- $150
  • Mirena Removal- $50
  • Mirena Removal and Insertion (same day)- $180
  • Mole mapping-$70
  • Plaster application for fractures- $50-$80
  • Procedures (eg: Skin excisions)- $35-$100

Transfer of Medical Records

  • Basic Health Summary will be done at no charge
  • Full medical records will attract an administrative fee of $50

Other fees

Other services that will incur a private fees and do not attract a Medicare rebate are listed below:

  • Aviation Medicals- $220
  • Blood Pressure monitor- $30
  • Diving Medical- $80
  • Driving Licence (Cab and Truck)- $100
  • Employment medicals- $120
  • Flu Vaccination- $20
  • Intravenous Fluids- $30 per 1 litre bag used
  • Vic Police employment medical- $200
  • Medical Reports- $100
  • Vaccinations- Q fever, Yellow fever, Whooping Cough, Typhoid and Hepatitis A Vaccinations are available for a fee.
  • WorkCover Consultations- All consultations will attract a private fee and it will need to be paid in full on the day. Once you provide us with a work cover claim number, we can directly charge the WorkCover insurance company. You can also be reimbursed by the WorkCover Insurance company for all private fees you have paid us (so please keep all receipts).