How our clinic has changed in response to the current pandemic in order to protect our patients and staff:



This clinic operates on the ground floor, access via the rear carpark. It is for any patients that have acute respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, earache, muscle aches. You can book into this clinic via the main reception. A doctor will call you while you sit in your car to obtain as many details as possible before letting you in and performing a brief assessment. This keeps your contact in the clinic minimal. These consultations are all bulk billed and are focussed on your immediate respiratory complaint. We recognise that it is very important that these types of illnesses be adequately managed to keep you well and to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital at this difficult time of a pandemic.


Talk to reception when you call for an appointment. We recommend where possible you book a telehealth consultation and that this be a video consultation. These are booked in the same way and your doctor will assess you as well as doing all the things we would ordinarily do such as issuing scripts, medical certificates, referrals and investigations. Your script will be available at the pharmacy the next day. These consultations will all be bulk billed. If you or your doctor feel you are best to be seen in the clinic, this can easily be arranged.

CLICK HERE for instructions on the simple process of doing a video consultation


There is only one main entrance to the clinic now, and all people entering the building will be asked a series of questions to ascertain their risk of coronavirus, including any current symptoms. It is vitally important in a pandemic such as this that you be honest so we can best direct you as well as look after our other patients and staff. We know this is a very difficult time for many people and these processes can be frustrating, but we take this very seriously. By having these measures in place, we are drastically minimising the risk of transmission in the main two floors of the building. For this reason, patients can come in and receive their usual medical care that is vital for keeping them well and out of hospital. We have extra cleaning and sterilisation processes in place as well as more vigilant hand and surface hygiene. We would strongly encourage patients coming into the clinic to bring their own face-mask if they have one (either purchased or home-made).


The clinic will now be closed on Sundays. We will be open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.


We are working together with our partners at Macedon Ranges Health to ensure all of their vital services such as allied health and home nursing services continue to run. Again, at this time we cannot afford to neglect the routine health care that keeps people in the community well and out of hospital.


We will continue to provide regular updates on COVID-19 and its significance in the local area via our Facebook page.

Because these changes have occurred rapidly, we welcome any feedback that you may have as we continue to respond to this ever-changing climate.



When it comes to your appointment time, your doctor will send you a text message or email that looks like this:




When you click the link a page will open to let you check in, similar to checking yourself in at the clinic reception.  Just type your full name in and click “Check in”







You will get a message that will ask you to enable your camera.  Click ënable camera” for a video call.  If your preference is for audio only click “Continue without camera”.  We recommend you have a video call in order to give us more accurate information.

You will get a message asking if it ok for doxyme to access your microphone and/or camera.  Just click yes.

Once this is done, you will get a welcome message and you will see the name of your doctor as on the image below.  You are in the virtual waiting room.  Your doctor can see your name here and how long you have been waiting.  They will click on this to start the consultation when they are ready which is usually soon after you log in.







You will see a “Finalising connection please stand by” as they are connecting, this should just take a few moments before you can see your doctor on the screen.

If you have any problems with the process please call the clinic, we can guide you through it or organise an alternative if there are connection or computer issues.


There are many locations available to get COVID testing done. The main testing centre for our region is Kyneton Hospital. Please ring them on 5422 9900 to make an appointment for testing.

Here is a link from the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria to help you locate a testing centre close to you. It does get updated regularly.