Our partner clinic, the Gisborne Specialist Centre, provides a comprehensive medical and surgical speciality service of the local area. Visit their website www.gisbornespecialist.com.au for more information.

Gisborne Specialist Centre is a multi-disciplinary specialist team of doctors. They work cohesively with your GP to provide your care. You will need a GP referral to see these Specialists.

Speciality services offered by

Kiron Bhatia: General Surgeon, Endoscopist and Bariatric Surgeon

Ivan Bhaskar: Neurosurgeon

Jasmin Grewal: Cardiologist

Nigel Hartnett: Knee Surgeon

Andy Jothibabu: Psychiatrist

Raj Khillan: Paediatrician

Iruka Kumarage: Gynaecologist

Anna Manolopoulos: Orthopaedic Surgeon

James Mimnagh: Psychiatrist

Tim Price: ENT Surgeon

Yasmin Sheikh: Geriatrician

Sudeshan Sundaralingam: Urologist

Ryan Toholka: Dermatologist