Dr Andy Jothibabu


Andy is a qualified Psychiatrist and has worked in South Australia and Victoria. Andy treats everyone over the age of 16.

He has a Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Andy has experience in treating psychotic illness, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and post traumatic stress. His special interest is treatment of mental health issues associated with drug and alcohol use.

Andy has a holistic approach to treating patients with medication, supportive and cognitive behavioural psychotherapies. He encourages his patients to focus on quality of life and well being whilst recovering from their mental health issues.

Andy also works at Northpark Private Hospital, where he has admitting rights. A wide range of quality inpatient, day programs and outreach services are provided at this facility for mental illness. Andy will be able to help patients use these facilities as required.

Andy will be consulting at our clinic for a full day every week.

Please ring our clinic on 5483 3333 to make an appointment. We accept all GP referrals, and referrals will need to be faxed to 5483 3344.