Exercise Physiology- Gina

Gina was trained a Dancer initially. She now works as an exercise physiologist at Macedon Ranges Health.

Gina works with people who have chronic conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, Parkinson’s, weight related joint pains, hypertension and other conditions. She helps them involve exercise in their daily routine. Gina is able to help with weight loss in chronic conditions.

She is also passionate about using exercise to lose weight and better manage lifestyle. She has worked with athletes at the Victorian Institute of Sport.

She has also helped manage issues with dancers after being mentored at the Australian Ballet School. Gina is instrumental in getting rehabilitation for dancers and athletes.

Referrals accepted: All GP Referrals, GP Management Plan referrals, Private referrals and Self referrals.

Please ring Macedon Ranges Health on 5428 0300 for appointments. For more information www.mrh.org.au