Header region

The logo image, the tagline and the phone number at the top of the page, as well as the ‘hero’ image can be updated via the admin menu option “Nealstreet Settings”.

The “Book An Appointment” is a hardcoded link for “HealthEngine”.

Footer region

All of the elements that appear in the footer can be updated via the admin menu option “Nealstreet Settings”.

Clinic Hours Block

The days & operating hours in this block are managed via the menu option “Nealstreet Content”.

3 Feature Blocks on homepage  //  2 Feature Blocks on content pages

The content of these blocks are managed via the menu option “Nealstreet Content”.


To manage the content on this page, you need to find the page (Pages menu), called “Home Page”.
As well as standard content, you can manage the following.
* Pop-up image that appears on header   (there is a true/false tickbox to reveal – currently set to false)
* 12 Service Blocks in 3 row grid
* Logo row

Register for updates

You can manage the image, tag & links for Registering for updates by going to “Nealstreet Content”.

BLOG posts or entries

You add “blogging entries” via the POSTS menu option   (as opposed to creating new PAGES).

Header Image (appears at the top of all pages, staff and services entries)

You can set the image in the header by updating the “featured image” in the appropriate page.
If you don’t add an image, a default image is shown.
This default image is set in the “Nealstreet Setting” menu tab.

Staff Entries

When adding staff members, if the member is a GP, you can add Rostered hours.
These options are only relevant to GP as they don’t appear on the front of the website unless the staff member is a GP.
You can also set the matching “Health Engine” GP identifier number.  You need  to contact HealthEngine for this information.  If this information is set the the booking system defaults to the specific practictioner.


The content of all ‘services’ pages are managed from the menu option “Services” on the admin panel

Top Menu

This is standard WordPress functionality.
To update the menu you first create the page, then go to “Appearance >> Menu” and make sure you’ve selected the “Primary Menu”
After any update, you must “Save Menu” to confirm the update.
If you want to add a menu entry that doesn’t link to any particular page  (acts as a parent to a submenu), you need to add a “Custom Link” to the menu and then maneuver it and the child/sub menu  items as desired.

> very important … after updating the menu items you MUST save the menu.

>>> secondly, the menu may be “cached” and may not show the updated.  To force the system to recognise menu updates you MAY have to go to the menu option “Settings -> Permalinks” and re-save that page.